28 June 2006

Prezzies for me!

My parents returned, safe and sound. Surprisingly nothing spectacular happened on the trip back--no bridges washed out, no delayed flights, no missed connections, no snarky (nor snarly) flight attendents nor passengers. They, of course, brought me a few prezzies...

Anyway, I told my mum about my ankle and she and my dad bought me a beautiful hand-carved cane. I tried to take some piccies of details--to the left, a wolf- or fox-like creature and to the right, an elephant (my very favourite creature on this planet--if I could keep some as pets, I would).

India is known for many things and silk is one of them. To the left, a scarf and to the right a new sari for me!

Now, this is a foodblog, so of course there are few things they picked up from the markets: cashewnuts, nutmeg, star anise and mace.



K and S said...

cool gifts! you're really lucky :) enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Do tell us how you used the spices.

Anonymous said...

Prezzies from parents are the best!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jasmine - the cane is so beautiful, although I'm sorry to hear that your ankle hasn't been better completely. Please look after yourself.

Love elephants too :)

jasmine said...

Hello all!

Kat--I'm very lucky. When they asked me what I wanted, the only thing I asked for was teh walking stick--the rest is a very lovely surprise.

Malini--Welcome! I love raw cashews' buttery taste...most likely they'll be eaten straight. The rest will be used in this and that...of course I'll write about it.

Ivonne--They've gotten better in their present buying :)

Keiko--I'd say my ankle is about 98 per cent better. Every once in a while I feel it...