01 June 2006

CBBP #1: An embarassment of riches

Well, my little homage to The Carpenters worked...a little too well...

I really am embarassed about this because I received not one, but TWO absolutely wonderful CBBP packages this week:

After a little mis-step, a box appeared at the post office from Elizabeth of The Rabbit Hole, my secret bloggy (as I call her)--do visit her blog, with your speakers *on.*

As you guys probably know, I've been waiting as patiently as my little impatient body would allow, but Canada Post really wanted to confirm why I rarely use them anymore. I'm sure of it. They returned it because of a postal code error.

Oh well, no bother since Elizabeth resent it and it arrived today. That very well taped box (yes, I need to get my Swiss Army Knife sharpened) was put together for a chocoholic like me.

Elizabeth is a scrap blogger--to be honest, I'm not sure what that means, but from what she put in, and how she chose to present things, I'm very convinced that she's a crafty bunney: a very nice handwritten note was on a series of notes that look as if they've been aged with coffee or chocolate. She also enclosed a beautiful gift card.

My favourite is an absolutely beautiful recipe card for Mud Pie. The picture hides it, but it's on a textured, chocolate-coloured, piece of cardstock; one side is decorated with a card of ice-creamy-like coloured stripes: Greg's Wheat, raspberry sorbet, mango, cocoa, maple walnut, grape, blue bubble gum and pistachio and the other side has a groovy pink and chocolate floral linedrawing print on it; a piece of mango grograine ribbon makes it quite pretty. Quite honestly, I think she designed it and I think she should think about marketing it. Also enclosed were a packet of gluten-free pancake mix (made locally to her), organic sugar, lots and lots and lots of chocolate, and last (but not least) there's a little packet of Zap all-natural anise with green tea breath strips.

I'm just wondering how she managed to get all that chocolate out of the house without her children knowing :)

I think what she gave me was the world's largest chocolate-chip pancake for breakfast this weekend...and since The Fussy Eater's father is in town this weekend-and I probably won't be able to meet up with them--this pancake is all mine!

Thank you so much Elizabeth! It was well worth the wait :)

When dear Sam of sweet pleasure: plaisir sucre found out that Canada Post may have lost my CBBP package, *he* sent me a package so I wouldn't feel left out. I told him not to but, like many people of the males I know, he is both sweet and headstrong.

So...what did my second box-o-goodies bring? Well, first was a very warm note written on a card from the AGO; its cover image is a reproduction of Synders' still life, "Bowl of Fruit on a Red Tablecloth"--the art historian that I am is very appreciative.

In the note he thanked me for the CBBP package I sent him (I was his secret bloggy) and described what he sent me. There were two Dagoba chocolate bars--one was flavoured with chai and the other with lavender; lemon sencha green tea from his favourite tea shop pictured (in my tea ball); a recipe for white chocolate, cardamom and saffron truffles, a package of teeny little turtle magnets (the little green jellybean-like things), and--much to my pleasure--his home-made cardamom marshmallows--made exclusively for me :)

I am looking forward to making the truffles for a couple of reasons: I've never made truffles and I have a package of Kashmiri saffron--truly honied tones--and I think this recipe would be perfect for them. Unfortunately I must wait until the temperatures drop a little...

I have to be honest. I've had his box for a day or so and I had to consciously stop myself from eating the marshmallows before I got the camera out. They are so good. I don't think they'll last until the weekend.

Thank you so much Sam!




K and S said...

aw, that was so nice of Sam to send you a cbbp too. But, I'm glad that the original cbbp finally arrived!



K and S said...

aw, that was so nice of Sam to send you a cbbp too. But, I'm glad that the original cbbp finally arrived!



Sam said...

Hi Jasmine,

I'm glad you recieved both packages. You deserve it for waiting so long. I've included your post in the CBBP : package round-up. Here is the link for anyone who missed it: http://sweetpleasure.blogspot.com/2006/05/canadian-blogging-by-post-1-package_21.html

Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad it arrived safe and sound, and how sweet of Sam to send you a replacement!

I feel a bit embarassed because it wasn't exotic or I didn't make you anything...like I said, I am a scrap blogger...(scrapbooking) and it makes me happy to know you enjoyed my handiwork on the recipe card (yep, all me)
this was fun, I think I'd like to do that again, however this time, I'll be more diligent on the Ol' Postal code!

Anonymous said...

Jasmine, what wonderful goodies! I'm so pleased you got your package at long last ... or should I say "packages"? Enjoy, enjoy!

Anonymous said...


I"m so glad to hear you got your package. It sounds like you have lots of goodies to keep you busy. And the fact that Sam sent you a package as well is such a sweet gesture.


jasmine said...

Hello all:

Kat, Tania and Ivonne--thanks--it feels weird getting two boxes though :)

Sam--I can't thank you enough--those marshmallows are (were) so good!

Jessica--Thanks so much for sending the lovely box. I do mean it when I say that card is beautiful.

Chas -- Yeah, we had some technical difficulties...all fixed now :)