14 June 2006

Minding my Ps and Qs

Who would have thought such lovely strawberries could cause so much consternation?

All I wanted to do is find something special to do with these favoured berries. Not fancy, just something nice. Normally I buy them and I eat them...preferably with vanilla whipped cream...or with yoghurt.

I found the recipe--it was simple enough and let's just say it was from a well-known source. It was in English and it didn't need any equipment I didn't already have. But I was scratching my head.

It called for a quart of strawberries.

Not so many ounces of strawberries. Not so many grams of strawberries.

A quart of strawberries.

As someone who prefers to mind her Ps and Qs with the dear Arthur Guinness, I thought a quart was a liquid measurement.

I asked some of my colleagues--I was told a quart was two pints.

Well, that didn't help.

Eventually I was told to get two small punnets of berries.

*That* I understood.

I found two punnets and weighed them out...450 grams (approximately). Does that sound right? I don't know. I eyeballed the berries. I bought them. They are in my fridge waiting to be used...I wonder if I can stop myself from nibbling on one or two...or three or four...

Maybe I should buy some more...just in case...




K and S said...

hmmm, I just made some strawberry jam, it was really easy and only took 1 punnet :)

Anonymous said...

When in doubt, get thee to the grocery store. It would be just terrible if you ran out.

BTW, I know there are a number of conversion sites online- you can easily google them, and then the trick is to find one which has the conversions you need.

jasmine said...

Hi all

I suppose this was more of a rant re: using liquid measures for dry goods. I just find life much easier when dry goods (sugar, flour, potatoes)are weighed...

Enjoy strawberry season everyone!