30 May 2006

Can woman live on ice cream alone?

06 05 30 ice cream

I'm finding out this week.

My word it's been hot. The weather people are promising saner temperatures in a few days.

Until then, I'm intent on draining my town of all ice creams and frozen yoghurts.

The glass of ice? Oh yeah...that's for my G&T...except I don't have any G...nor any T.




Anonymous said...

The answer to your question is yes. You can live just fine on ice cream. It's a proven fact ...

And we will all clap and cheer when this heat wave is gone!

K and S said...

ice cream sounds like a great solution to beat the heat :) hang in there!


Sam said...

Hi Jasmine,

I'm not sure whether women can live on ice cream alone. They are tougher then men. Look for my ice cream post tommorrow night, I think it may be of interest to you.

Sara said...

send some heat my way! i agree with ivonne - YES, YES, YES!