21 May 2006

WCB: Beanie and the box

Okay...these are piccies from last weekend (I think), but I was too busy to post them.

Now that I'm on vacation (hahaha), I thought I'd put them up for the world to see. And yes, the exbf posted them on his site several days ago, but you know...Beanie *is* my cat.

So...for those of you who wonder if a 22-lb (25-lb?) cat can fit into a large-sized FedEx Box, here's the answer...of sorts :




Anonymous said...

Wow that he is HUGE!

Thanks for answering that important questions ;)

Anonymous said...

such a cute cat... I usually like black cats

boo_licious said...

LOL! attack that box.

Erin said...

Beanie looks like he's asking you if you're absolutely sure there's nothing in there for him, and then promptly goes to investigate.

Anonymous said...

Very cute!


jasmine said...

Hello all

Glad you like my little Beanie. And yes, he will always be my *little* Beanie :)