07 March 2006

For Linda in Milan

For Linda and any other Canuck missing a taste of home:

On a related note...our men and women in Kandahar are getting their very own Tim Horton's:




Timmys count: 22 coffees; 1 free coffee


Anonymous said...


Great post.

I hope you're having better luck with Timmy's than I am ... I'm zero for 10!

jasmine said...

Hi Ivonne

I'm having horrendous luck!

So far 28 coffees and only one free one. With one in nine odds, I should have had three free thingies by now. My boss who's had about 15-20 hasn't won anything and one of my colleagues is on her 20th cup and hasn't rolled up a winner yet.

I'm sure people who aren't
Canadian/hooked on Tims looks at the picture and my count and are just shaking their heads...


Anonymous said...

Hey Jas!

I've been thinking of making a panna cotta lately, too. Living in Houston with 80 degree weather in March makes that feasible. I have never made it myself, but I've gathered all of the necessary ingredients.

I was thinking of using oranges, berries or perhaps even chocolate and/or cardamom. What flavour did you make? Let me know, okay?

You may have noticed that I've been on a bit of a blog hiatus, but have no fear, I'm still in the game. Fa sho'! Jus' been workin' on a couple of new design ideas and takin' care of off-line life stuff.


Michelle said...

HI...I am a Canadian living in Michigan. I LOVE LOVE Tim Hortons!!! (Btw, that is my fav donut you have posted there!! hehe) We have, I think, 4 Tims here in Michigan. None are close to my house but I do go by one on my way to school twice a week. YUM!! I haven't won yet on the rool up to win thing. :( My husband has though.

Cool post...cool blog. I'll be back!! :)

Oh yeah...I came here via Cutie's bloe :)

jasmine said...


I started with a vanilla panna cotta as outlined in The Silver Spoon. My next one will probably be an almond-cardamom one...

Welcome Chelle! Thanks for visiting and the kind words.