18 March 2006

Can anyone else smell spin?

I asked Tim Hortons why medium-sized playing cups are given out regardless of the size purchased for travel mugs. Medium cups are the least likeliest to garner any sort of win. Here's the reply:

Thank you for contacting us once again in regards to our Roll Up the Rim

When a customer purchases a travel mug refill during this
promotion, a medium cup is offered. Since our small size cup is not available in
a contest cup, our medium contest cup is offered as it would have less of an
environmental impact than our larger sizes.

I hope I was able to address your concern. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-888-601-1616.

I know she's only repeating what she was told...

re: "the once again" -- I originally emailed then about my regular Tims charging some people extra to get a player cup.

So...let me get this straight... giving out playing pieces that favour in all likelihood favour TDL's bottom line (via cup cost and lower giveaway odds) is more environmentally friendly than giving customers a player cup that gives them a fair shake at a prize based on the beverage volume purchased. And if Tim Hortons could get away with giving Canadians the small cup (which reasons even worse odds of winning an $0.80 doughnut)...they would.

That's so nice of them.

So, here's my next question, since that poor CSR obviously wants nothing more to do with me:

Dear Mr. Tim Hortons Spin Doctor,

If environmental responsibility is the key reason Tim Hortons/TDL gives customers using travel mugs medium-sized player cups (even though they are charged for a large or extra-large beverage), then why is Rrroll Up The Rim promotion's grand prize an SUV?

Please feel free to post your reply here.


Timmys count:
Before the nonsense: 44 cups; 3 free coffees, 1 free doughnut
Now: 5 cups, 0 winnings


Anonymous said...

and may i add one more question- if they're so concerned about environmental impact, why even hold a contest that requires participants to use disposable cups?

jasmine said...

Yup...and as someone pointed out...unrequested double-cupping.

Mind you, the new doughnut boxes (the ones that mimic the ones from Krispy Kreme) seem to use more cardboard than the old boxes.

Yup...environmentally-concerned Timmys...


Journal Actif said...

Environment lately has a very large back (le dos large) as we say in french about people/things who/which take silently the injustified blame for everything and anything.
I love the SUV prize remark you wrote them.

jasmine said...

Hmmm... no reply from Tim's...

time for plan b.

*evil, maniacal giggle >here<*