29 May 2008

Time for some R&R x2

R&R # 1:
Between this and that and this and that, I've been running a bit ragged and a teensy bit behind on things. Add a few meetings and I think I'll take a mini blogging break, but will be back sometime later next week.

At the very least, I hope to catch up on a bit of trashy reading about a gangster's moll, a disgraced politician, a million-dollar plane ride and misplaced government documents. No, not the latest Lauren Henderson plot, but the current
buzz in Ottawa. A friend thinks of it as Munsinger-like. Me, I think of Profumo.

R&R #2:
Anyway...yesterday a very, very good friend of mine (someone I think of as my surrogate sister) appeared at my office with a box of goodies from her property: wild ramps and rhubarb. Lucky me!

I spent some time last night looking at recipes and dishes, and I think I know what I'll make with them, but if you have any recipe suggestions or thoughts, please share them (with recipe links, if possible) in the comments section. And no, both ramps and rhubarb don't have to show up in the same dish...

Have a great week!

Edit: Not as long a break as I thought...wait for it...


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glamah16 said...


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Can I come on the R&R, it just sounds right now.

I have two links for you.
the last I've got to try!

Gigi said...

Enjoy your break! And most important ...HAVE FUN!

Y said...

Too many possibilities, with something as gorgeous as rhubarb. Whenever I can't make up my mind, I usually end up turning something into jam so that I can use it in something later :)

jasmine said...

Tanna and Y -- thanks for your suggestions :)