21 February 2008

Meme: Seven Random Things

Last week Annemarie of Ambrosia & Nectar tagged me for the Seven Random Things Meme. Hers is a recently new-to-me blog and it became an instant new favourite, as has the the intelligent and charming diarist herself.

A previous declaration leaves me focused on food-related memes, so in my typical fashion, here are my seven random food things...

1. I own one whisk.
It's red and rubberised--probably my nod to all things Lauren Henderson (granted, the homage would be truer if it were black rubber). Most people I know have two or three silvery wire balloons tucked in a drawer, while My Dear Little Mummy keeps seven or so hanging on her wall for quick grabbing. My ex-hash-slinger friend thinks of my scullery as woefully under equipped as a result of this single, snazzy whisk. If I need to go from yolks to whites (or whatever), I simply wash it and use it again. He thinks I'm being silly.

2. My dish washing machine does not do dishes.
No, it's not broken (AFAIK), but it was one of the things that was left in the condo. I have no use for its original intent, even if I do have a propensity for using every bowl and most pots and utensils to complete a simple meal. The machine simply represents more counter space--for which my scullery is sadly under equipped--and its innards house my unused resealable containers. It remains on premises for the eventuality of condo resale (why the presence of a dishwasher matters in such things, I haven't the foggiest).

3. My real life food reputation is a study in contrasts.
Depending upon who you talk to, I'm a:

  • food snob who only dines in chichifoufou restaurants
  • food pleb, whose gullet easily succumbs to the six fastfooderies near my condo
  • fussy eater with a debilitating list of foods that will not cross my lips
  • indiscriminate yet adventurous gluttonous creature who'll eat pretty much anything
  • lazy, basic, dump and heat cook
  • someone who revels in creating difficult and intricate dishes and meals
  • dragonlady and a fearsome critic to anyone who serves me a homemade meal
  • easily appeased soul if you're sweet enough to feed me

4. My favourite kitchen tool (pictured) is older than I am.
My surrogate grandmother and neighbour gave my Mum that peeler. Mum and I both believe Grandma used it before handing it over. I've saved it from the bin several times--not because of absentminded clumsiness, but because Mum easily succumbs to new toys. It's now in my kitchen and is still very, very sharp. I am so used to it that I cannot easily use other peelers (apart from knives).

5. Delia Smith's Complete Cookery Course was my first real cookbook.
And by "real" I mean commercially published and one I really used. I bought it in the early 1990s when I was looking for more guidance than was available through my mum's Auxiliary Cookbook. CCC is well thumbed and still often-referenced.

6. I love treacle toffee.
Last Halloween I was upset to find an absence of those orange and black, wax paper cloaked toffees. As kids we hated them because they were usually rock-hard and stale. As a teenager and 20-something I developed a nostalgic fondness for them. The company no longer makes them--probably a bright idea emanating from Marketing and Finance. I've since found an adequate substitute in brown and white wrappered treacle toffees, available from a little independent Scottish bakery in the next town. I dose myself slowly and regularly, with these wondrous little sweets.

7. My Mum can rarely surprise me with food.
Much to her chagrin, I can walk into her home and tell her exactly what she's made. She curses my nose--it may be small, but it's awfully good at sussing out her kitchen's activities, and can...umm..suggest additions that will improve whatever she's prepared. All without tasting it.

As to tagging others, I'll just leave it open. If you want to participate, please do!

I know I have at least one outstanding Meme (Shaunnie, dear, I've not forgotten) and I will get to it. Until then, and if you are interested, here's the somewhat short list of other memes I've completed:


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K and S said...

what a great assortment of info! I myself, used to use our dishwasher only to dry the wet dishes that I washed by hand.

Gigi said...

Very interesting, I love the part about the dish washer. :)

glamah16 said...

I love my dishwasher. But I can relate with you on being a study of contrasts in relation to food.

Annemarie said...

Jasmine, you haven't disappointed. I love the notion of someone opening your dishwasher to help you clean up and being very, very confused. That peeler looks a bit medieval torture-like, but I'm sure your hands develop the right callouses in no time. :)

Gretchen Noelle said...

Great to know you a bit more. Love the dishwasher idea!

Jenny said...

Well done Jasmine! The first meme I've seen that was totally food related! (And I was once in the home of someone who used their dishwasher to store all their linens and paperwork - your idea sounds much safer!)

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

I had a dishwasher that didn't do dishes. Must be fun to always have it on your mom.

Deeba PAB said...

Great one Jasmine...I'm loyal to my old fave tools to. I love the character the peeler has! Lovely!!

jasmine said...

Hello all

I learned the dishwasher thing from mum...who also has one that doesn't do dishes...