27 February 2008

Flickaflicka flick flick

That’s the sound of me, in hot pursuit of that sometimes evasive beast, inspiration.

Several weeks ago I’d gotten it into my curly-mopped head that I wanted to bake birthday treats for My Most Marvellous Manager. Normally such adventures start out with me having a very clear picture in my mind’s eye. It can be a flavour, a texture, or a colour--anything that allows me to springboard into something, if not wondrous, then hopefully edible. This time…apart from the idea of baking something, I was at a total and utter loss.

I must admit, it’s rare that I find myself like this, itching to make something, but without a clue as to what. If it were just for me or a few, select souls, I’d just start weighing and pouring and grating and tearing open packets of fruits or nuts or candy. But it wasn’t just for me…t’would be bad form to give the person who approves your paycheque something indescribably experimental for his birthday…even though he is on my guinea pig list.

Off from my teetering shelves came the faithful tomes of inspiration: Nigella, Dorie, Edna, Julia…
Flickaflicka flick flick.

Magazines, newspaper clippings, printouts from online recipes.

Flickaflicka flick flick.


Favourite and talented foodbloggers.

Clickaclicka click click.

Gosh, you’d think I was searching for the a map to the world’s tastiest and ever-renewing truffle patch.

It’s not that I had some unreasonable self-imposed expectation that whatever it was, it had to be “perfect.” All I wanted it to be was tasty …and sortakinda pretty...

How easy it is for me to spiral into a tizzy of mammoth proportions...all for want of a simple baked good.

What made me remember a
skinny little spine, I don’t know. But I’m glad I did. Was it desperation or true enthusiasm that made me decide on Anna Olson’s Cocoa Cupcakes? I don’t know. And I don’t know if in such cases a) it matters or b) there’s a difference.

All I know is these little cakelets, with a softly chocolate flavour and a sweet and slightly sticky glaze, studded with silvery balls were exactly what needed to be made…along side an equal number of softly flavoured vanilla cupcakes.


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K and S said...

looks lovely :)

Annemarie said...

They are very, very pretty - adult and elegant but still fun little cupcakes. Love the color-coordinated paper tin.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

Next time I'm feeling guilty about having such a large collection of cookbooks, I'm going to reread this wonderful post. Inspiration indeed!

breadchick said...

Oh those look really good! Much better looking than the morning muffin I'm having right now that is for sure.

I hate getting into a "rut" like not being able to figure out what to bake.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Well, you're very lucky if that rarely happens to you. I feel like that's always happening to me!
These look so gooy good . . . much better than sortakinda pretty...
I'd think they were a big hit. They would be at my house.

Deborah said...

They look absolutely perfect!

Jenny said...

Yup, been there. Looks tasty.

glamah16 said...

They look very elegant.I love the silver draggess. Its like they are floating on a chcolate sea.

creampuff said...

Wish I could have had one!

jasmine said...

Hello all -- thanks for your lovely words!

Lydia -- my collection is in the triple digits...need to start weeding.