12 December 2006

Menu for Hope III: Day Two

Just checked in on the donations page and as of this very moment, we've raised $8,990!

I think that's fantastic. Thank you to everyone who's donated--and a special thank you to those who've put their name in for a prize from Canada (YAY YOU!)...oh gosh. Someone's put their name in for the Taste of Waterloo County...I don't think I know them...that means I'll actually have to COOK as opposed to ordering Swiss Chalet (tee hee).

Okay, there are lots of great prizes out there--and I have my eye on one or two. Here's a link to the round ups on the other regional host sites:

The grand-master (mistress??), global round-up:
Chez Pim

US West Coast: Becks and Posh
US East Coast: The Amateur Gourmet
US (the rest): Kalyn's Kitchen
Canada: Cardamom Addict
Europe and UK: Davidlebovitz.com
Asia Pacific/Australia/New Zealand: Grab Your Fork
Wine blogs: Vinography


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kelli ann & lorie said...

I think that's incredible-- $8,000+ in just 3 days. excellent work, ms. hostess; what a boost!

Kalyn Denny said...

Isn't it awesome. We've now passed $15,000.

jasmine said...


Kelli Ann -- Thank you very much, mais sans votre aide avec la traduction, I don't think our end would be nearly as good :)

Kalyn -- I know! So close to last year's goal.