19 December 2006

Menu for Hope III: Day Nine/Oh we are a talented lot, aren't we?

If you've been following the Menu For Hope III campaign (and chances are, if you've been reading this blog or one of dozens of other foodblogs out there, you have), you know that things are going very nicely. A quick check of the donations page shows we've raised US$32,556.70.

Thanks to the wonderful Kat of kungfoodie for reviewing all of the MFH III prizes and posting about those that are available to be shipped globally. Click here to see that list.

If you want the opportunity for a little bit of Canada to be shipped to you, please visit our regional round-up.You don't have to be Canadian to bid on these--if your name is drawn (and you've let us see your email address), we'll ship these books to you, where-ever you are. As always, you can put your name in for one prize with a US$10 donation.

Continuing with the idea of prize themes from
Canada, (a few days ago I wrote about cookbooks, and last time yummy ways to travel), today’s post is about prizes that are made just for the winner:

Today: Oh, we are a talented lot, aren't we?

Not all of us are one dimensional--that is, most of us have different sides and facets. Sure, you know us as foodbloggers, but there's so much more to us than that. Some of us have a creative bent that just can't be stopped.

And I'm not just talking about food.

Perhaps it's latent exhibitionism (wait, we are bloggers, so I guess it's not all that latent), but some of us are putting our cooking and other talents to use in coming up with some fun and fabulous prizes. Some of us are giving you the opportunity for something that's truly unique and made just for you...

Curious? Read on....

CA01 Tea for Hope

Kelli of avoir une famille n’est pas comme une téléroman is quite a crafty person. Her package includes a beautiful two-tone blue teapot cozy, finished off with funky little tassels and a red ribbon. The parcel is complete with a 100g (3-1/2oz) of O’Kelly’s Herb’s tisane: an exotic, Thai-inspired herbal tea made with Asian lemongrass mixed with sweet and spicy Korean mint, oat straw, nettle, star anise, rosehip, lemon peel, stevia, and a set of “vintage china” postcards.
If you want to win this prize, please enter
CA01 on the donation form.

CA03 Banner Makeover
Meena of Hooked on Heat, is a talented web designer who is offering her design talents, in the form of a new blog banner, to the winner. Tired of how your blog looks? Want to spruce it up with an interesting visual that screams you and your personality? Do you have a great idea as to what you want your banner to look like but haven’t got a clue as to where to start? Meena will work with you to help spruce up your blog with a custom-designed banner.
If you want to win this prize, please enter CA03 on the donation form.

CA06. Serious Chilean bread
Nico of Nico’s Food Adventures, gives the lucky Vancouver, BC-area winner a prize of cultural and bakerly signficance. Not everyone can make a decent loaf--but Nico can. Well...not sure if you'd call them loaves, but you know what I mean. Chilean bread made just for the winner. Serious--he’s not joking. He will make, freeze and deliver the bread to the winner, complete with baking instructions. Simply pop it in the oven, buy some butter and take the rest of the day off.
If you want to win this prize, please enter CA06 on the donation form.

CA10. An Endless Banquet of Goodies
Anthony and Michelle of An Endless Banquet (AEB) assembled a set their own goodies that sample their writing, photography and cooking abilities. First up is a set of An Endless Banquet "secondhand China" postcards featuring lovely photos of china from their collection. The winner will also receive a copy of A.P.Q.O. (AEB 001), the first in a series of AEB chapbooks: this one concerning itself with the pleasures of apples, pears, quinces, and oranges (hence the title). They’ve also included bottles of their own Švestka brand preserved goodies--one jar each of oignons confits and pear-vanilla-bourbon butter.
If you want to win this prize, please enter CA10 on the donation form.

CA14. Home-made Morsels of Loveliness
Jennifer of The Domestic Goddess, opens up her heart, kitchen and lets her baking talents come to the forefont with this prize. Imagine getting a box delivered to your door (or picked up at your local post office), opening it up, and finding a batch of freshly baked cookies just for you. Give her at least a week’s notice and if you live anywhere in North America, you will receive a batch of home made cookies. You even get to choose what kind you want! She will give you a list of 10 cookies from which to make your selection. All you’ll need is a tall glass of cold milk and you’re set for the rest of the day.
If you want to win this prize, please enter CA14 on the donation form.


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Anonymous said...

i so love the tea cozy... and i must say that i am digging your raspberry banner. you always have the most wonderful pics on your site!