31 August 2006

BlogDay 2006

I recently read that Technorati tracked its 50 millionth blog and there’s an incredible number of new electronic journal started every day.

That can be a big and scary thing…which is why BlogDay is such a great idea.

According to
BlogDay.org (BlogDay’s official home), BlogDay began in the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to exploring the blogosphere and discover and recommend, to their readers, other authors and electronic journals.

Thanks so much to
Paz and Ellie for letting me know about this great day.

Picking five blogs to spotlight was difficult—not that I couldn’t find new-to-me blogs, but to narrow things down. I also tried my best to not have an overwhelming number of foodblogs on the list. I was good. Only two of my five are food bloggers. You may be familiar with them already (I always assume I’m the last to find out about cool and neat things), but if not, I hope you have a chance to visit these sites.

The Antick Musings of G.B.H. Hornswoggler, Gent.
For those of you who like SF, this one’s for you. Written by Andrew Wheeler, Senior Editor of the (US) Science Fiction Book Club, he mixes work (all those books that cross his desk) with life (his kids (Thing One and Thing Two)) and interesting things he finds on the web…check out his book-a-day posts.

Yes, I’m a Coronation Street fan. And yes, it’s so tempting to find out what will be appearing on my TV in eight or 10 months. I like this Corrie site because it’s not all spoilers—there are interesting bits on the actors (past and present) along with weird little bits of Weatherfield-related news.

Food Maven
Okay, we all love Rachel and her Coconut and Lime blog. But her new blog, Food Maven, is more than recipes…it’s funny, conversational and lets more of this wonderful blogger’s personality shine through.

Polite Dissent
What happens when you have a doctor review comic books and medical television shows? Well…you get a very educated look at all that medical mumbo jumbo thrown in as plot points. It appeals to the nit-picky side of me…check out his episode-by-episode House break-downs.

Sugar Delirium
This is a new favourite of mine. Veuve Cliquot is a funny, genuine person who blogs about life from a foodie point of view…did I mention she’s trying to kick the sugar habit? I personally love reading her posts about dating…




Anonymous said...

Hi Jasmine ;) Just thought I'd let you know that you've got Jen's name but my blog linked to it :P I've been naughty whilst at work and browsed your recommendations - looks like my blog roll is destined to grow tonight!

Anonymous said...

Several here I have to check out. This is really a neat idea.

Dee Bee said...


Thanks for sharing and Happy Blog Day 2006!

PS - I never knew what cardamom was until my Czech father-in-law used it in his famous roast duck recipe. Imagine - forty years of my life spent in ignorance of the herb! I will definitely be tryng some of your recipes.



Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for thinking of my blog & featuring it so nicely! Kudos too for making me aware that Blogday existed. I'll jump on the bandwagon next month :)

Happy sugar busting!

Erin S. said...

jasmine--another meme for you--the 5 to try before you die started by the Traveler's Lunch box. I just did my list , and have tagged you next!

Anonymous said...

Great list! I especially like Polite Dissent. Hapy BlogDay!

Rachel said...

Thanks for listing me and the sweet comments!

jasmine said...

Hello All

Ellie (and JenJen) -- my sincerest apologies. Getting this post up was fraught with problems. Yes, it was Ellie that had the post I was thinking of...I don't know why I wrote JenJen. I've edited the post. I owe both of you many, many goodies!

Tanna -- Glad you like the list...I find it really funny how I have two blogs that touch on SF/Fantasy/Comics...definitely not my thing, but the blogs are so much fun.

Diane -- Welcome! So happy you came for a visit. Hope you come again soon :)

VC and Rachel -- My dears, I am so happy to tell people about your blogs...hope you get lots of new readers. VC -- I think it's an annual thing...like Christmas :)

Erin -- Thanks! JenJen tagged me on this one too(and yes, I checked that it *was* her!)...I'm hoping to post on Saturday.

Ivonne -- Isn't that a great blog? The exbf turned me on to it.

For those of you who participated--Yay! For those of you who didn't, I hope you have the opp to take part next year!