01 August 2006

Stress Release

Some girls eat.
Some girls work out.
Some girls get really bitchy.
Some girls drink.
Some girls go on vacation.

What did this girl do when she was oh, so very stressed?

This girl shopped.

This girl picked up her new toy yesterday.
This girl will be paying it off until 2010.



Anonymous said...

How often do you get so very stressed?

Annie said...

Good luck with your new wheels ;)

K and S said...

ooh, what kind of car did you get? don't you love the "new" smell of it? enjoy!

Sara said...

Good for you!

jasmine said...

Hello all!

Tanna--Normally I just drop about $500 on books...I just had *that* much more on my plate...

Annie--Thanks--and welcome back!

Kat--You know, the smell is the thing I DON'T like. I use those little purse-sized air fresheners...my car smells like "fresh linen." It's a Saturn I0N2 sedan...a little TOO grown up for me.

Sara--Thanks! I think I deserve it :)


Anonymous said...

Jasmine, I don't like the smell either :) Hope you're enjoying driving, yes, shopping is great!