19 August 2006

A conversation about cracked wheat

Me: "Mum, what's cracked wheat? You made that pudding with it."

Mum: "Oh! Cracked wheat is cracked wheat."

Me: "Yes, but what is it?"

Mum: "Cracked wheat is wheat that is cracked."

Me: "So you buy it cracked."

Mum: "Yes. It is very high in fibre."

Me: "Is it Cream of Wheat?"

Mum: "No. Cracked wheat is not Cream of Wheat. Cracked wheat is cracked wheat."

Me: "I see. So where do you buy it?"

Mum: "In the bulk food store. Next to the broken rice."

Me: "The broken rice?"

Mum:"Yes. You know. The rice that is broken..."



Anonymous said...

LOL!! That's hilarious!! ... What is cracked wheat?? ;)

K and S said...


Anonymous said...

HAH! I'm still confused about cracked wheat and broken rice, but that's an awesome exchange between you and your mom!

Hrm, perhaps faeries are the cause of these less-than-whole grains? Grain faeries, perhaps?

Then again, I could just be off with the faeries :D

jasmine said...

Hello all.

Yes...my mum is quite funny. She has no clue how funny these conversations are. Circular arguments all makes sense in her brain...

I have no clue what cracked wheat is. I'll have to find which bulk food shop she goes to and do some research ;)


Anonymous said...

Circular arguments seem to revolve around fun.

Kate Croft said...

you should have heard me trying to explain teff flour to my family this weekend (i was making ethiopian injera bread)...similar conversation. your exchange also reminds me of trying to describe the difference between grits and polenta...

Anonymous said...

So funny!

Erin said...

Can she explain the split pea?

I have similar conversations with my mother as well. Aren't they wonderful? Sometimes I end up more confused than before I called.

jasmine said...

Hello all

Tanna -- Well yes...when you know what's going on...I don't think she realized *exactly* what was happening.

Kate -- so...what is keff flour...and don't tell me it's flour made of keff :)

Ivonne -- Yup...that's what all my friends and cats have to look forward to when I get to be her age.

Mochene -- A split pea is a pea that is split. Yes, these conversations are fun...she's really quite cute.


Anonymous said...

Love your mum, she is so sweet :)