19 May 2006

Sometimes all you need is a bowl of pudding

You have no idea how happy I am today has arrived.

No, my Canadian Blogging By Post parcel has not arrived yet (soon? please?).

Today, at about 4:30pm my vacation began--I packed up, set my voicemail and out-of-office messages and left. I won't return to the office for another 10 days.

I have very few *real* plans--Toronto on Sunday with The Fussy Eater to see Wingfield's Inferno and dinner afterwards. Victoria Day (aka "May Two-Four") looks as if it will start off with dim sum and then my darling dearest and I will drive off to The Stratford Festival and see a preview of London Assurance...and hopefully get to Chocolate Barr's. The rest of my week will be spent tidying, cooking, baking, doing homework, sleeping, watching TV...you know...

So, how do I start my time off? Well...doing homework, if truth be told...but lurking in my fridge are two tubs of kheer pudding (I'll explain why later).


Those tubs of milky-noodley-raisiny-cashewy sweet goodness are now shy one serving. A sweeter way of beginning my downtime I do not know.


Timmys count:

Before the nonsense: 44 cups; 3 free coffees, 1 free doughnut
Now: 43 cups, 7 free coffees


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your vacation, Jasmine!

And enjoy the shows ... sounds like a lovely way to spend the weekend.

K and S said...

enjoy your vacation, can't wait to hear about all your adventures...and i hope your cbbp will come soon!!

take care.


K and S said...

enjoy your vacation, can't wait to hear about all your adventures...and i hope your cbbp will come soon!!

take care.


Anonymous said...

I must admit, I'm relieved you also have yet to receive your CBBP parcel; I thought I was the only one still waiting!

I hope your vacation is restful, fun, delicious, and thoroughly enjoyable. I'm curious to see what you think of "London Assurance," as Grammar Queen and I are thinking of buying tickets. Enjoy!

Sara said...

have a wonderful wonderful vacation.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful vacation!


p.s. later, could you post the recipe for the bacon avocado muffins you'd mentioned? ;-)))))

Canadian Baker said...

Hope you're having a great vacation Jasmine! I could go for some kheer too...yum. :)

Anonymous said...

That's the nice thing about vacations, isn't it? Having all that time to do homework.


jasmine said...

Hello everyone :)

Ivonne, Chas, Sara and CB: Thanks -- just wish I had more time off :)

K&S: Adventures? I was supposed to have adventures? Well, I have another day and a half left, I'll see what I can do for you (g).

Tania: So glad to read you got your box--it looks so good. I hope you enjoy it all.

Paz: Yes, I remembered I promised you that I'd make the recipe and post it. I have a tray of them cooling in the kitchen *right now.*

Gayleen: Yeah. I know. I can't believe we've paid good money for that particular course. How many weeks left do we have? No, please don't tell me, I'm not sure I want to know...