17 May 2006

A Day Without Foodblogs: Help save the Internet

Save the Internet: Click here

I'm a day late in posting this...

Large American ISPs are lobbying US Congress for permission to dictate internet accessability. These companies could be given the ability to decide which websites get downloaded quickly and which ones will be given second, third or fourth-tier status.

How will download speeds be determined? My guess...and the guesses of many others...is that it will devolve to a pay-for-play system: the more you pay, the more you can play.

Sounds like a legalized form of extortion to me.

If legislation passes, these same ISPs can censor content so only their worldview is portrayed:

  • Imagine looking for real, verifiable information on the Earth's rotation and only being able to get information based on writings by The Flat Earth Society.
  • Imagine a woman trying to find information on her legal rights when dealing with sexual harassment but only finding information about women being chattle.
  • Imagine looking for information on living with or comforting someone with a horrendous disease and only being given access to web pages announcing sufferers of that disease are little more than "animals" being punished "by a "higher being."
  • Imagine a child looking for information on nutrition and healthy eating, but only getting info from an arm of a hypermegaglobal chemical company, touting the nutritional virtues of only their products.
If you are an American, and don't want your internet access governed by sites who pay the highest dollar or to be force-fed views you don't agree with, please visit savetheinternet.com.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I stumbled upon this on one blog and thought, "Glad I heard about this!" and 20 minutes later it's plastered EVERYWHERE! This is one hell of a petition.

Anonymous said...

As always, Jasmine, you have gotten to the heart of the matter. Well written!

Anonymous said...

You go, Jasmine!

jasmine said...

Hello All

Ken -- Welcome! I know--isn't it amazing how the movement's taken hold?

Ivonne -- thanks :)

Rorie -- Just hope it helps :)