10 November 2008

Hagia is veddy veddy angry with me...


Anyone out there? Sigh...

Apologies for the week's silence. Wasn't planned. You see, I'd planned to upload the latest cookbook review last week, but the universe conspired against me.

Okay, not me personally, but said universe decided to play games with the weather in my part of the world. If you're here, you know that we had a very odd warm spell last week. Sure, it was nice, but when the elements change so drastically, it plays a number with my head. Three days of protomigraines. Glah.

For the lucky ones who tried to engage me in coversation, you know how loop(ed) I was on pain pills (my skin started tingling on Friday). Glah. Feeling a bit better now, but am tonnes behind in everything else I was supposed to do...work, housework, sorting through detritus...

No cooking or baking got done, lived on frozen leftovers, meals from my parents and things declared edible from the fastfoodrama mall.

And this is why my cat is veddy veddy angry with me.

I'd always known that we shared certain culinary preferences: Equal amounts of pleasure can be derrived from eating crunchy things as batting them around. Olives are divine. Beef in a can really isn't food. Ice cream is heaven. Sometimes only lemongrass will do.

Well...she's developed other tastes...for baked goods. Okay. I know of other cats who like breads ... and that's okay (I think)...but she never wanted anything to do with cookies or cakes or pie crust. She's developed a particular prediliction for raw flour. I've caught her licking speckles off the phone and the floor and my hands.

So when I brought home a container of Timbits (doughnut holes to non-Canadians), she tried every trick in the book to get one. She sat by my feet and gazed up at me. She pawed at me. she even hopped onto the couch and snuggled up next to me. When her kittenly wiles proved useless, she basically stuck her head on my saucer and tried to liberate a baked ball of doughnutty goodness.


Then she heard the words she rarely hears from me: "Naughty girl! Down NOW."

She knows what those words mean...she's been caught doing something she's not supposed to do...but instead of running away and hiding behind the couch, she stood at the far end of the room and just glared at me.

You know the look...I'm sure those of you with petulant children have received it: the you are being so unfair to me. I'm a good little one and I deserve a... look.

I got that look ALL EVENING.

Truth be told, I don't know what baked goods will do to cats...but I don't want her begging for food, nor do I want her to further develop her taste for people food. Given she's not a begging cat, I don't know what's gotten into her.

Maybe she's just peeved at me that I've been so busy...or hiding in dark rooms with a glass of water and a few pills. Maybe this was how I was supposed to make up with her: by giving her Timbits...preferably my favourite cherry ones...

Well...she's not going to be happy with me over the next few days as I try and get caught up with things...and formulate that next post. Oh well...'tis the life of a cat.


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glamah16 said...

Dont let her make you feel guilty. It is cold lately and time is just slipping by .

Anonymous said...

I know what it is. It is the magic of Tim Hortons. I would have hopped on your lap too for a Tim Bit! I've heard that there is a Tim Hortons in London, oh the temptation!

Jenny said...

I recognized the look, I've seen it on the faces of my children.
Hope you are feeling better. While the warm weather has been nice, it has not been worth some of the issues that came with it (like every child has been out of sorts and ended up being a PITA.)

Jenn said...

Too cute! I know, it isn't my cat glaring at me. I didn't know that cats did that! I always thought they were far better than having to beg, like the mere mortal canine opposite.

I do have children, however, who have given me the look. Which usually results in crossed eyes and tongue sticking out (from me).

giz said...

I'm sorry about your migraines - this crazy barometer is enough to give anyone migraines. But hey, when you don't share your timbits...well...I can relate to the cat. Wait til the cat goes to Timmy's and you don't get a B.E.L.T.

K and S said...

I hope you are feeling better!

Sara said...

Who wants to share Timbits???? Not me! Hope you feel better soon J!