18 July 2007

A feeble attempt at correcting my diet

I know full well that, as of late, what I've been eating isn't up to my normal...umm...standard.

I've spent far too much time as of late queuing at counters, twitching curtains for the delivery boy, and, well, in front of the microwave waiting for something overly sugared, salted and with far too many lines on the ingredient box to be passable enough to pass my lips.

No wonder I feel blechy.

If you've been following me for a while, you know that I'm in the last week of a course . It's a good course, but it has sapped most of my free (and not so free) time for the past few weeks. Apart from my socialising, my cooking time has been severely curtailed...hence all the takeaway, delivered and processed foods I've been eating.

I'm even eating cafeteria food.


I'm waiting for my peer review on my final major project and today I found myself with *surprise* more than four minutes for supper. Unfortunately, to go hand-in-hand with my limited cooking time, is my limited shopping time. The fridge was very uninspiring...but moderately redeeming.

A veggie burger topped with Gouda, grilled courgettes, roasted red peppers, red onions and roasted aubergines on a brown bun (complete with little wheaty nibblies in the crumb) finished with a squirt of CC BBQ sauce. Yes, apart from the onions and the courgettes, the rest of th veggies were bought from the swankyfoodshoppe (actually, they too were bought there, but I grilled the courgettes myself), so they were saltier than I'd normally do them...and oilier..but that's okay...at least I can recognize them as veggies.

So, not absolutely redeeming...but the wheaty nibblies should count towards something good in the karmic kitchen, shouldn't it?


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MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Ha yes, veggie burgers are our total exhaustion meal but all I do is put lettuce and tomato on them. Yours looks pretty good there Jasmine.
Super good happenings now on your last stretch.

Anonymous said...

I think that sounds delicious, J. Sometimes one just had to adapt to fast moving times. I'm glad you had the opportunity for a bit of a breather, though.

Best wishes on your final project! :)

Shaun said...

Jasmine, darling - Cafeteria food? Darling, you need your friends around you at a time like this! If I were there, I'd have helped you out of the crisis by inviting you over for dinner. The veggie burger sounds yummy and must have been a great relief for you and your body.