15 February 2007

Another cookbook review: InterCourses

The day after a holiday (sacred or secular) is always interesting.

Yesterday was filled with insipid hearts and flowers. Love, wuv and the rest. Yesterday's radio playlists features crooners who crooned and warblers who warbled unending love and devotion (cue Ms. Houston).

This morning was the ugly aftermath.

These are lines that blasted from my clock radio this morning as I was getting ready for work:

Song One: I still be believe in love, but not with you
Song Two: So don't you ever for a second get to thinking you're irreplaceable
Song Three: Owner of a lonley heart much better than an owner of a broken heart

Ummm...yeah...somebody must have had a really bad reaction to Valentine's Day.

Well, if that music director ever recovers from whatever caused that set of songs, perhaps s/he should plan a romantic meal from InterCourses. Yes, my latest cookbook review is up at Canada Eats.


K and S said...

I saw this at Borders and wondered about it, thanks for your review!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Well, I was ok without InterCourses until you came in with the pasta with rosemary sauce and lamb. The recipes look simple and really good!

jasmine said...

Hi all

It's a surprisingly competant little book...