21 November 2006

Was it just a figment?

I remember wondering if the recipe for Vanilla-scented halibut in Andreas Viestad's Kitchen of Light would actually work.

I remember the cool flesh of the half-kilo of halibut as I rubbed it with salt, along with the sliminess of scraped vanilla seeds while I rubbed them all over the fish. The ebony-like pods were chopped into 2-cm pieces and tucked under the meat...and strewn on top. The 125ml of dry white wine sloshed over the pallid fillets. The little boats of vanilla pod floated on the liquid before settling down. The ends of aluminum foil were crimped round the dish as the oven reached 400F/200C.

I recall taking the dish out of the oven when the fish was cooked 20 or so minutes later. Steam escaped when I peeled back the foil, giving me an alcoholic facial. I wiped the droplets from my lenses. The fish was opaque and firm--a good sign and bespeckled with teeny beans. Also a good sign.

I plated it, with some wilted spinach and settled on the couch.

I poked at the fish.

I ate the fish.

It was supposed to be scented with vanilla...it sort of was. The texture was okay--a tad overdone, but not to the point it was disgusting. I remember thinking there was too much wine. I also remember thinking I wouldn't do it again.

What I don't remember was where I put that picture.


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Anonymous said...

So this one is best forgotten.
But now you know: never again. Did it perhaps suggest some other ideas for halibut?
Love your humor!

Anonymous said...

Wow, eerily descriptive writing -- i feel like i'm holding a fish. Funny to picture you and your halibut on the couch :). I wish I could eat my fish dinners there- not happening with the cats!

jasmine said...


Tanna -- the book is lovely and I intend on trying more recipes out. Very few books have a 100 per cent success rate, so I just hope that this is one of the few recipes that aren't to my taste.

Jessica -- Welcome! Thank you very much. My cats don't seem too interested in fish (for whatever reason), so I guess I'm lucky...mind you , if I'm eating olives, a certain little grey girl won't leave me alone!