11 November 2006

WCB #75: Oh woe is Beanie

I walked into the livingroom to find this little scene...

I guess he just got tired of me spending more time with
Dorie's marvelous book than feigning to roast a chicken (and yes, I do know that he hijacked my blog a couple of weeks ago, flirting with a few of you and trying to convince others to send him chicken...silly boy). Perhaps he wants me to make these treats next?

For whatever reason, he's gotten into the habit of sleeping with his head on a pillow...or a book...or an extension cord reel...


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Anonymous said...

I'd love one or two.

Anonymous said...

How sweet! The fuzzy outline of his head against the white of the book just melted my heart into an oozy puddle!

jasmine said...

Hello all

Tanna -- perhaps when I'm feeling better I'll whip up a batch.

Ellie -- you should hear him miao...he has such a little voice and whenever he uses it, it sounds so pitiful.

Scott -- I don't participate all the time...usually when I have a good kittie picture. Hope to see you in the round-up.


Anonymous said...

wow, jas, just saw this now (i'm late) and your mr. bean(ie) picture is quite the foreshadowing. huh? you'll see this week.

obviously beanie has a sweet tooth but i think he may be holding out for the milk to go with the cookies.