04 November 2006

Time to start a petition

I thought it was just me. In the couple of weeks before Hallowe'en I was looking for a sentimental favourite in the bags-o-candy section of the bigscarymegamart. Yes, I was looking for molasses toffees.

The little molasses toffees, in orange, yellow and black wrappers were a mainstay of Canadian Hallowe'ens (much like UNICEF boxes). The candies had a distinctive, smoky flavour. But gawd, they were sticky. I mean really sticky. Kids with fillings ran the risk of losing their dental work, children with a wiggly tooth or two would be a quarter richer because those loose teeth would miraculously fall out. The longer you waited to eat the candy, the harder they would get.

There was something reassuring seeing those toffees in the stores. Regardless of the numbers of new and funky candies, chips, or (heaven forbid) chococovered raisins, these Halloween Kisses meant that things were right in the Hallowe'eny world.

But this year they (like UNICEF boxes) did not appear in stores. According to Cadbury Schweppes, the makers of Allan Candy Molasses Kisses, these candies are passe. Production stopped in Sept 2005.

I wonder how many signatures we'll need to get them back into production...


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Anonymous said...

I've never had one of those, so I'd be willing to sign your petition.

Lis said...

You're not alone - I looked in the stores for them too! My father use to buy those bags of kisses by the freakin truckload - and I hated them! Mainly because they were always in the cupboard. Now, since I haven't had them since I was a kid, I craved them so bad this year and couldn't find one. =(

Anonymous said...

I would sign the petition. It's like Christmas without fruitcake!

Anonymous said...

Man, I think I felt that same hate yet now love towards them.

Unfortunately it's not just canada...

Anonymous said...

Wow, I wasn't the only one to have liked those candies. They still sell them in Canada! Maybe I could send you some next year! I was tempted to buy them around halloween but I resisted my crazy sweet tooth...my willpower actually kicked into gear that day.

jasmine said...

Hello all

Kat -- they are a wondrous candy...

Lis -- Isn't it weird that so many people disliked them when they were younger, but now they've grown up, they find them comforting?

Sara Lou -- I think you've come up with our slogan!

OB -- It's sooooo sad.

Eva -- The National Post ran a story on their disappearance in the past week...so, it sounds as if you've managed to find the last bags of it. Buy them! Buy them all...and exercise some mercy on us poor folk who can't get any :(


Bridget said...

Hmm, maybe the UNICEF boxes are gone because of stuff like this (I live in America - people are strange):


LIFESITE, Oct 22 (LSN) - With the approach of Halloween, LifeSite's web site has added a special page of links which demonstrates the anti-life workings of UNICEF and encourages pro-lifers to abandon the common practice of supporting UNICEF with box-donations solicited by children during Halloween.

For years UNICEF spokesmen denied that they were promoting contraception or abortion. Now the records reveal the truth: step by step over a 30-year period UNICEF has tied itself to the population controllers' anti-life, anti-family attitude of such organizations as the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

For more info on UNICEF's anti-life workings go to:

kelli ann & lorie said...

that Unicef 'anti-life' message is just so. freakin'. wrong. (smacks of the Johnson & Johnson 'moonies' campaign, too.) how could you even entertain the thought of sabotaging the work of an organization like Unicef? war on family, indeed. i think i'll go put my energy into something constructive, instead of beating my head against the wall of privilege--