26 December 2005

Oh, I'm sooooooo full

A few piccies from thie year's Christmas feast...my Mum, as usual, outdid herself:

The bird (quoting Mummy: "I don't believe in skinny slices..."):

The trimmings: mixed veg, carrot salad, corn fritters, mashed potatoes, stuffing...plus cranberry sauce and an overflowing (!) gravy boat...

and plum pudding for dessert:

Why all the pictures? Father Christmas was very kind and got me my own digital camera...so of course, I went kitty-chasing..yeah, and it's a good opportunity to (re-)introduce you to the cats:

Hagia and Zeus

And if my pictures don't get any better, it's because Beanie is using the manuals as a pillow :

Now that I've received a tonne of leftovers, off I go making turkey pot pies to last me through the winter...and possibly spring...stay tuned.

Happy Boxing Day everyone!


Anonymous said...

Like, WHOA!!! What a spread! Momma definitely be puttin' it down, no doubt. Looks like she had it all on lock. I shoulda been with you guys for Christmas dinner.

Happy Holidays!

And have fun with the new digicam.

Anonymous said...

Mmm ... looks like quite the festive feast! And your cats are so cute, especially the one asleep on the camera manual.

Enjoy making those turkey pot pies! Personally, I think I get more excited about the turkey leftovers than I do about the actual Christmas meal: I have the carcass simmering itself into a rich stock on the stove as I type this ...

Happy Boxing Week!