15 December 2005

CX2005 Round up

Although the virtual cookie swap was fun, a real one is so much better..if only because we actually get to eat the cookies. This is the fourth cookie exchange (CX) I've organized at work...all home-made (no squeezy dough in sight!) and I think it was the best so far.

Starting from the back left:
Biscotti by Monica
Chocolate Chunk Mint Meltaways by Martina
Gingerbread by Jackie
Italian Marscapones (square with purple) by Christine
Vanilla Biscuits (blue) by moi
Gingercrinkles (light brown and white)by Heather
Pecan caramel shortbreads (chocolate stripes) by Marilyn
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chips by Sarah
Crispy Truffles (chocolate) by Sandy
Peanut Blossoms (with the big chocolate kiss in the centre) by Mary
Buttery Lace by Leslie (and Pat)




Anonymous said...

Mmmmm! Those look AWESOME! And I'm not even a sweets-lover. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I want one of each!

jasmine said...

Thanks MM and Rorie

I've only been able to sample the lace cookie and the chocolate crinkle cookie (and of course the vanilla one) and so far they taste great! When my tum goes back to normal I hope to taste the rest...that is if certain other people don't finish them first :)

I'm thinking of posting the
various recipes in the future.

Stay tuned!