26 July 2013

My Darling One: Six Years Later

Six years ago today the man I loved passed away.

I was at my stylist's the other day and mentioned the anniversary. She stopped primping.

"Wow.  Has it been that long?"

Yup.  It has.  

Six years is a long time...but at the same time it's not.  

As I mentioned last year, so many things have happened in the first five years--new home, new job, new opportunities, new romances--with more in the last year--my three feline companions, Hagia, Zeus and Bean, passed away, but two kittens entered my life (more on them later); after my job was squooshed in a global resizing I hung out my shingle and started Peacock Blue Communications, my own PR and Communications consultancy and through it I've met and worked with some great people, and heck...I've even become a wee bit more adventurous in my gardening.   Yup.  Life is still good....although I could be posting recipes and other foodish things here more often.

Yes, I do miss Michael, but I know he's not coming back and some things end sooner than we'd like, and in ways that we never really thought of.  That said, I know he's watching over me...and I swear I could feel him recoil at the retro-inspired paint colours for the kitchen (he wasn't a fan of blue, and really...that particular shade of teal would have been met with some great opposition).  He's still cheering me on and offering encouragement.  I still find pennies in the oddest places in the house.

I've often said that I believe people leave us when they have learnt all they have to learn and they have taught all they have to teach. As long as we continue to pass on those lessons we've received, those who have passed on have never truly left any of us.


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