26 July 2012

My Darling One: Five years later

Five years ago today the man I loved passed away.

A lot has happened in those years--new home, new job, new opportunities, new romances--but I know he is still with me, cheering me on in my victories, hiding his head in embarrassment when I proffer a Jasmine-ism, and consoling me when things just don't go as expected.

In general, my life is good and I know how lucky I am. I love my day job because I get to do work that's interesting to me, and work with fun, hyperintelligent and caring people. My volunteer and community work are fulfilling because I am able to help make the lives of others better--whether it's through providing services to our community's most vulnerable or being a conduit for inspiration. And of course my omnivorous ramblings keep me creative and exploring ideas, cultures and history.

Yes, I do wish Michael were physically here with me to really share all of this, but some things are just not meant to be.

I've often said that I believe people leave us when they have learnt all they have to learn and they have taught all they have to teach. As long as we continue to pass on those lessons we've received, those who have passed on have never truly left any of us.

Thank you, Michael, for teaching me so much.



Anonymous said...

*hugs* I was worried about you back then, the day you posted that, but I believed in your inner strength. Be well, my friend.

Cakelaw said...

A beautiful tribute to Michael.

Wendy@The Omnivorous Bear said...

Thinking of you....and so glad you can be so positive. That is a beautifully written post.