01 July 2009

Happy Canada Day! Chocolate Mint Ice Cream

I dithered over what today's post should be--last year Jennifer of The Domestic Goddess and I co-hosted Mmm...Canada: she took care of the sweet and I, the savoury. I truly wanted to host it again this year, but I realised that hosting the June Daring Bakers' challenge would be pretty much all the online eventing I could handle right now. I'll do my best to bring it back next year.

I wanted celebrate our nations 142nd birthday with something fun and touched upon a national favourite. Last week's warm spell pretty much sealed the deal on it: ice cream.

There's something about this luscious, creamy and slightly drippy treat that coaxes smiles out of the most sour of faces. Limitless flavours single notes, others mix a couple of different ice creams, fruit-embued, candy-studded, ripples and ribbons and of course some are rather nutty...quite the analogy to Canadian society, n'est-ce pas?

So, to celebrate our national day, I offer you a seat in the back yard, a long cool drink and of course some home made chocolate mint ice cream. Happy Canada Day!

For a list of Canadian food and drink bloggers please visit my Canadiana page at SensualGourmet.ca.

Chocolate Mint Ice cream
Roughly 1.5 litres
625ml milk

250ml heavy cream
40g mint leaves
250g sugar
5 egg yolks
pinch of salt
100g milk chocolate, chopped
100g semisweet chocolate, chopped

Scald the milk with the mint leaves. Remove from heat and let stand, off the hob for about 20 minutes.

Combine the sugar, yolks and salt until ribbonny.

Carefully temper the egg mixture with the hot milk by slowly adding a ladelful of milk to the sweetened eggs, beating constantly, to avoid scrambling. Repeat a few more times, eventually just pouring in the remaining milk and mint. Beat well.

Pour the custard mixture back into the pot and cook until it has thickened and passes the back of the spoon test by running your impeccably clean finger down the back of the spoon's bowl while it has been covered with a layer of custard. If you draw a clear track that does not fill back in, then you're fine.

Pour the hot custard brine over the chocolate bits, letting them melt and mix well.

Cool the brine, overnight in the fridge.

The next morning seive out the mint leaves and whatever scrambled eggs have formed.

Whip the heavy cream until medium-stiff. Fold, one third at a time, into the cool chocolate mint custard. Keep it as light as possible, but try and ensure there aren't any white streaks.

Decant into your ice cream maker and follow the manufacturer's instructions.


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Meeta K. Wolff said...

love the sound of this. i imagine it to be something like an after eight!

Conor @ HoldtheBeef said...

Happy Canada Day! Also, Happy New (financial) Year! This of course means that you have to eat twice as much of your delicious ice cream.

Hilary said...

Happy Canada Day!

Mmmm, lovely choice. I chose butter tarts.

Valérie said...

Aaaah... An ideal treat to savour on a day like today when you don't have to go to work.
Now, if only I had an ice cream machine...

awoz said...

Sounds delicious this minty-chocolaty ice cream.
Ha ve a happy day off thanks to Canada day and also thank you for hosting de last DB challenge.The tart was great...

Parita said...

Love the mint flavor, perfect dessert for summer!

Deetsa said...

Happy Canada Day, fellow Canuck! Hope yours is more exciting than mine

Tia said...

happy canada day! what part of CAD are you in ? I'm a bc-er.

Anita said...

Oh yum! I can just imagine the flavours. I would love to try this mint chocolate ice cream.

Zita said...

Now..this is more like it, the perfect delicious ice cream for the summer ;)

btw, a big thank's for hosting the DB challenge :)

Annemarie said...

Oh Canada. You're neither my home nor my native land, but you're rather alright, just like the ice cream. Hope you had a good one.

isabelle said...

Sounds delicious! I love mint chocolate ice cream.

NKP said...

That looks lovely Jasmine, I love ice cream - and my mint is crazy tall right now.

Michele said...

Your ice cream looks delicious!