03 May 2009

I think my laptop caught porcine apoplexy

Even though we all know we cannot catch H1N1 (aka Swine Flu) from a good old bacon sandwich (okay, not all of us know this as a friend mentioned her cafeteria pulled BLTs from the menu because of the swine flu), I think all the online news coverage I've been following brought out the hypochondriac in Zippy the laptop.

She's going into the repair shop for a few days (hopefully it's not a lost cause) -- I'll be back when I can reliably get this thing to boot up.

Anyway... I leave you with an idea...especially appreciated by those in the midst of calming others and monitoring the various health websites: Piggie-shaped cookies, complete with little face masks (of coloured sugar). The recipe is
Butter Cut-Out Cookies from Nigella's How To Be A Domestic Goddess (p 212).

Have fun but remember to wash your hands...talk soon.


What I'm reading: The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

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2 Stews said...

This is great! Love it! What kind of cookie would an H1N1 be? And would it have a mask ;-)

Kristen said...

I so wish I had more time before vacation, because those cookies are adorable.

I hope Zippy's feeling better soon! :)

NKP said...

So cute!
Get better soon, laptop! Snort, snort.