21 February 2009

I sound like Demi Moore

Gentle reader*,

As you've probably noted, my bloggy output has been rather minimalistic over the past few weeks.

Two weeks ago I felt *something* start to come on...at first it was fatigue...then it was a stuffy nose...then I was fine...then I got tired again...then a pressure headache or two. A week and a half ago my temps were yo-yoing like well...a yo-yo.

This week it hit my throat.

I awoke sounding like Deirdre Barlow. The next day I sounded more like Kathleen Turner (a vast improvement). Now I sound more like Demi Moore (a step down, I think). Somewhere between Kathleen and Demi the names Alannah Myles and Joss Stone also passed certain lips..along with "976-number" and "woah...the guys are really going to like this."

Yesterday the cough introduced itself...on the road to sounding like a mad, barking seal. Today the snot started...and the fatigue returned.

Needless to say, I'm blessedly tired of this...and I'll be back when a bit more myself.


*you know I'm not quite myself when I can't resist that cliché...

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Anonymous said...

Get well soon Jasmine.

Anonymous said...

Feel better!

Deetsa said...

Sorry to hear about your illness. Hope you are on the mend. A nasty bug has been running rampant through my village, too, for the last month. I luckily managed to get hit for only five days but my poor honeybunch still has a tickle and snot after nearly two weeks. I'm sure he'd feel your misery. So would a lot of other peeps in town.

I smiled at your voice comparisons. When I get that voice I always quote a part of that old BBC series "I, Claudius", the part of the oracle. It's the only time I can actually sound like her.

Mickle in NZ said...

Sad to learn you've been laid so low by such a nasty lurgy. Concentrate on looking after yourself and healing - snuggle up to a cat or two.

Care, huggles and purrumbles from Michelle and Zebbycat in Wellington, NZ, xxxxxx purrrrr

Teri and her Stylish Cats said...

Would a hot toddy help?

I was cleaning up my email box today and found a blog comment I made on your blog, not long after you lost your love, Michael. Eight months before that, I lost my Mike, too and my heart went out to you.

I now have 2 blogs of my own just wanted to stop, say hi, visually relish your wonderful delights and send a link to your blog to my mom...she's still the "recipe hunter" of the family!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jasmine, sorry to hear that you are struck down with some nasty bug...I do hope you will soon feel better.....the sexy voice one can do without hehe....I havent visited in awhile but often think of you & wonder how you are doing. Life has been rather crazy on a lot of fronts & I have also started my own blog about 7 months ago so thats hectic timewise :o) Today Im trying to do a little catching up on the world wide blogs. Hope that you are doing well. Hugs, Colleen in Cape Town xxx

Dragon said...

Take care of yourself. We'll be here when you get back.

Jenny said...

Feel better soon, you know I'm feeling for you!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

How you can make coming down with this sound funny. It took me out for WEEKS. I can so relate to being blessedly tired of it.
Do hope you feel better soon though it probably won't seem soon enough to you.

breadchick said...

Hope you are beginning to feel better!

mrs shortcake said...

what about Phoebe Buffet? Weren't you, at any point in your downward spiral of diagnosis, able to do a thrillingly accurate rendition of "smelly cat"? :)

Mickle in NZ said...

Dearest Jasmine,

Hope you are now gathering some strength back. If still not right then rest up, cuddle a cat or two and drool over others recipes and food writings.

Cardamom and other flavours can and will wait until you are better - mind you, I'd suggest a lovingly made Marsala Chai with the emphasis on your own favourite flavours ( and laced with an "encouragement with scrummo tasting alcohol) and more than a hint of sugar - already seems yummo to me, and I don't have a sweet tooth or even sweet teeth.

keep warm and remember to feed the felines, coz then they will snuggle up in a super settled way.

Speedy recovery so much more happy cooking and eating

Michelle and Zebbycat downunder in NZ

Megan said...

I'm just getting over what you've got. And that damn cough last forever. Sending you get well wishes!