29 March 2008

Earth Hour: 29 March 2008, 8pm

Just for one hour, on one day, turn off your non-essential lights and appliances.

For more info, visit these links:

EarthHour.org (home)

Some partnering, participating or supporting Canadian communities:

Canada-based business supporters (Only those who registered)

World Wildlife Federation Canada's Earth Hour page


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Sheltie Girl said...

We participated in Earth Hour too. We had a great time hanging out together in the dark with a couple of flash lights.

Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

Jenny said...

I was so out of it this weekend, I learned about this about 3 hours beforehand, but we still turned off the the lights and lit a few candles instead for that time. Actually we let them go awhile longer - afterall, its alot of fun to brush your teeth and use the bathroom to candlelight!