20 May 2007

Housekeeping: Blogger Relations 101 and Review Policy and Guidlines

Blogger Relations 101
If you read Food BlogS'cool, you know I was on a blogger relations panel discussion a couple of months ago. The event brought PR and marketing practitioners together with bloggers---I was the only blogger there who wasn't posting on behalf of a company or a newspaper, and I did my best to represent the true side of blogging (the hobbyist, not the copywriter). I've since recieved a couple of thank you notes from attendees, and have seen my words on some attendees' own blogs.

In preparation for the event, I drafted a Blogger Relations 101 piece, which was posted onto fbs. I've since returned to it, added, deleted and clarified, based on comments to that post, offline conversations and the panel discussion. It's a bit lengthy for this blog, so I've posted it onto sensualgourmet.ca:

Blogger Relations 101

Review Policy and Guidelines
Many of those emails I receive are from PRs and Marketers who want me to review their product on this blog. Because of this, I've drafted a review policy and guidelines piece. Again, it's posted onto sensualgourmet.ca

Review Policy and Guidelines

If you think these are useful to your own blogs, please feel free to amend them for your needs and link back to me.



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Elizabeth said...

Both articles are really good, Jasmine. Clear, concise... I hope that they have significantly reduced the amount of junk in your in-box.

My blog is very small-time so I have only received a very few 'reciprocal link' requests. However, what you have written will come in very handily.

In the event that there are too many unwelcome solicitations, would it be acceptable to place on my site brief summaries (credited quotes) of your "Blogger Relations 101" and "Review Policy and Guidelines" with links to the full articles on Sensual Gourmet? (Something similar to copyright myths page)


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

Very helpful! I've been writing my own policies about reviewing products, but have taken some very good ideas from what you've written. It helps to have something on hand to send to people who inquire.

Anonymous said...

Wow, sometimes I wish I had that problem-- I can't even get some fellow bloggers to respond to my emails!

The articles were excellent. I hope they hit the message home for some of these advertisers.

Anonymous said...

You're amazing, Jasmine. Simply amazing!

jasmine said...

Hello all!

Elizabeth -- Thanks so much! Yes, that would be fine--I sent you an email--were you able to get it?

Lydia -- Welcome! Glad you find it of use.

Sarah -- You know, I think it's like the Midas touch, until you get it...and then you wind up with a solid gold piece of apple pie...pretty to look at, but useless as a foodstuff.

Ivonne -- Thanks and welcome back!