26 April 2007

Beanie gets his chicken

A few weeks ago a certain little kitty of mine posted a plaintive request for some chicken. He can be rather obsessive when it comes to poultry in general. He just *knows* when there's a chicken in the house: KFC (yuch), leftover Buffalo wings, frozen homemade pot pies cause him to gallop around and miao, chirrup and paw incessantly.

Normally I don't give in to such things, but I "accidentally" roasted "too many" chicken pieces (lemon, butter, rosemary, salt and pepper). I held back a couple of drumsticks for the dear cat, and put them in the fridge for his later munching.

I snapped these photos (action shots, surely!). The first picture was his expression when I told him that he was getting some chicken...you can read the disbelief on his fuzzy little face. I also caught him in his after-snack grooming. The last photo is what I call the "Oh, I'm so full" shot.

And in other news...I've finally updated my blog links. As usual, these are blogs I visit on as regular a basis as I can (I may not comment all that often, but they are in my RSS reader). Most of them are ones you may already know, but there may be one or two new ones for you to explore:

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Anonymous said...

Awww, Beanie is adorable!! Mr Woofy is like that with cheese, he seems to be able to sense the minute that any is about to be eaten, and will remain by your side, eyes transfixed on the cheese as you eat it ;)

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Does that mean we'll be getting more appeals from Beanie?
I've never understood how some people think cats and dogs don't think and know what's going on; they're all good I just really like "Oh, I'm so full" !

jasmine said...


Ellie -- Beanie is much more chicken obsessed--kept trying to trip me last night because I roasted another bird...sigh..

Ellie -- I'm sure Beanie will issue a few more requests before long! I know what you mean about pets...they are very bright and each have very distinct personalities...