08 January 2009

Elvis, you'll always be the King

I grew up watching Elvis Presley movies on TV. Everytime one of his films aired, my parents made a mini event of it and we'd sit on the couch and watch...sometimes sing.

I loved (and still do) films of that era and genre. It was a sort of candy-coated, sparkly world where everyone broke into song at a moment's notice. I never quite figured out why life wasn't quite like that. Oh sure, I treat pretty much everything as a song cue and will warble a few lines of this or that to prove a point...but for some reason people rarely join in...even rarer still, do they do that lovely spontaneous, en masse choreography.

I found out sometime mid-day that today marks his 74th birthday. Which surprised me. Not the number itself, but the fact that I found out mid-day...and quite by accident. It used to be on his birthday the radio station (regardless of the one I listened to) would mention something...even play a song or two...but not today.


Is that any way to treat The King?


His culinary predilictions are known...along with his appetite...Hamburgers, mashed potatoes, pound cake...What I always found a little sad was how so many people seemed to turn their nose up at a particularly yummy one: fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

Really all it is is a pb and banana sammy on toasted bread, browned in butter on the grill. Gosh, make an eggy coating and it would be a divine cross between French toast and pb&b...

What I like about this sandwich, is how both the banana and peanut butter just sort of melt into one other...all warm and gooey between pieces of fried bread...There are no quantities needed--you may want more pb than b or you may want more b than pb...it's all up to you.

You know what I'll be munching on, as I watch Bruce Campbell as that hunkahunka burning love in Bubba Hotep (if you've seen the movie, you know why I'm laughing as I type) tonight, wishing The King, a happy, happy...

Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches

Lightly toasted bread
Mashed banana
Peanut butter

Spread peanut butter on one slice of toast, then slather it with banana and top with a second slice.

Melt butter in a pan. When it starts to sing place the sanwich in and let it fry for a couple of minutes. Add more butter (if necessary) and flip the sandwich and fry for another minute or two.
Serve immediately.


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Anonymous said...

My cousin Christine and I used to watch Elvis movies (and Annette and Frankie movies) on Saturday afternoons. Good memories!

I've never had one, but I can see this sandwich being great! I have a French toasted peanut butter and banana panini in my last book that I sometimes make when my hubby is out of town (he's allergic to peanuts). I bet they aren't dissimilar.

Anonymous said...

Wow. 74. My mother loved Elvis and watching his movies was always a big deal at my house too. I've never been a peanut butter lover but the pictures are very inviting. Hmmmmm. I'm celebrating my blogiversary today, come by for a give away if you can.

NKP said...

That does look easy, I should make it for my son - he would love it.
I will have to dig out some Elvis now,..... oh Elvis, Elvis?

K and S said...

love peanut butter and banana sandwiches, never had them fried though...will have to try this :) happy birthday elvis!

breadchick said...

AH HA! That explains why TCM had an all day fest of Elvis movies yesterday.

I have to admit, I turned my nose up at these sandwiches until I had one on a brunch menu a few years ago. I know why Elvis loved them so much!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

So they turn up their noses but it's the lucky who understand why and how good this one is!

Anonymous said...

Bubba Hotep is one of my favorites! Glad to see the mention in this post--enjoy your pb&b:)

Anonymous said...

How nice of you to make this! I've never had it before. I guess I have to try it. ;-)


Jenn said...

That sandwich is awesome because the peanut butter thins out a little from the heat and becomes a good kind of gooey. Anyway, in honor of his birthday I decided to have Elvis week on my site. We're featuring collectors of all things Elvis and interviewed some of them. http://www.collectorsquest.com/featured-week/Elvis.html

Brilynn said...

I may have to hide the last banana that's currently sitting on the counter so I can make one of these tomorrow...

Gin said...

While I keep it quiet, I adore Elvis...and pine for the poor lad who
collected more lampreys than a Lake Ontario salmon. Elvis Trivia: When
you're in the Games Room at Graceland, look at the wall where the
cancelled chequest are posted. If memory serves, there are three dozen
(at least); each was isssued at the start of 1964 in the amount of
$1,000 to most charities in the Memphis area representing every
community and denomination. Funny you never hear about that.
The Loose Moose in Toronto used to feature this sandwich (although not
as nicely put together) and fried pickles (not a recommended side).
Friend peanut butter and banana sandwiches are the original hunk of
burnin' love...
My favourite Elvis treat is true, southern Sweet Tea...and the best I
ever had was at a little train station cafe in Norcross, Georgia.
Road trip!!!