06 August 2006

Long Weekend Brunch

It's the long weekend. Simcoe Day (to some) is tomorrow. Most people don't really know (or care), but he is credited for a number of things we take for granted..

John Graves Simcoe introduced a number of things to Upper Canada, including British institutions such as courts, trial by jury and English Common Law. One of his most impressive and important acts was the abolition of slavery in Upper Canada--roughly a quarter-century before it was abolished through the British Empire.

Anyway, the August long weekend is a pretty relaxed affair. People just toodle about, visit friends and/or family or just retreat to the cottage. In Toronto, Caribana has taken hold (I think the hot and sunny climate we had last week was just getting people in the mood).

Anyway, today was a perfect day for brunch--a great big mug of tea to go with a plate full of cheesy eggs with mushrooms, onions and herbs, streaky bacon, and (of course) gingerbread waffles with ginger marmalade and butter.



Anonymous said...

And where would the formula for these gingerbread waffles be?
That photo has me drooling...I'm doing way too much cleaning.

K and S said...

Nice! Enjoy the long weekend.

JuliaMazal said...

Gingerbread waffles? Do you have the recipe on your blog? (Hint, hint)

Anonymous said...

Gingerbread waffles sound great...but for now, I'd just settle for the cheesy eggs with mushrooms. Gaaaaaah...

Unknown said...

Wow, that picutre looks divine!

jasmine said...

Hello all!

Tanna - Comment on it and it will come...at some point...hopefully soon...

Kat - Thanks -- it was a lovely weekend, where I proved, yet again, that I'm the world's worst mini-putter.

Julia - Welcome! Umm...soon?

Ellie - I know...I love the contrasts on this plate: soft squigdy eggs filled with gooey cheese, spicy and fluffy waffles, the sweet ginger marmalade and the crispy, salty bacon...nummmy! The only thing missing was the fried mushrooms.

Garrett - Welcome! I was pleased by how well it turned out...both the food and the piccie.