03 August 2006

File another under "common sense is no longer common"

I saw this and just blinked...

I know that not everyone knows how to boil an egg. But still...

I don't want to believe that we've gotten to the point that there may be a market for eggs that tell you when they are boiled to your liking.

  • How much extra are people going to have to pay for this wondrous help?
  • Given the porous nature of shells, how safe are the inks? Really?


Part of me believes that designers developed these (and other products) for themselves. Then, in hopes of not being seen as lazy and in need of instant gratification, they pay consultants for ego stroking...by the time the story gets to the newspaper, it's full-out (but made-up) problem and isn't this company so wonderful for solving it?

Here's a favourite line from the article:

“I get so frustrated if I get the timing wrong and the egg is too hard to dip my toasted soldiers in. My design solves this problem.”

This was said by a 22-year old university student who invented an egg boiler.

Poor thing...yolks not squidgy enough and so frustrated...

Maybe I should congratulate him for identifying a major problem faced by millions and millions...okay...maybe not millions...maybe just one.

Here's a tip: Save yourself the money and buy a couple of dozen eggs and either bring in a friend who knows how to boil an egg to teach you or just figure it out on your own...it's not that difficult.



K and S said...

I saw this too, sad isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Ah, Jasmine you have now discovered the deep secret of the world. Common Sense has never been common.
Sad, heavens no, I think it's the funniest thing going.
Youth does some pretty funny stuff.

Deetsa said...

Sad sad sad sad... This is the same reason why recipes are so long now. What was commonsense even 50 years ago is nearly lost to many of the younger generations. THIS is what happens with convenience food and fast-food places. Yeesh. It really isn't archaic to know how to boil a friggin' egg. You don't need special gizmos and doodads.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit gobsmacked. How can something so simple be seen as so difficult that they can invent this sort of thing?

Of course, everyone has their own way of boiling an egg, but in the end, isn't it just egg + boiling water? I wonder if those people would be astounded to hear of the fantastic kitchen gizmo called an egg-timer...?

jasmine said...

Hello All

I think Ellie said it best.

Unfortunately...people who'd rather have an egg tell them when it's cooked are probably the type who couldn't turn the dial on a kitchen timer.


Heather said...

How interesting. I am not sure I can do all of the other items listed in the article, but I will surely be learning.