15 March 2006

It's Christmas in March!

What a week! First Monkey Gland's Frying Pan Alley print showed up and now my brand new cutting board! The board is a Christmas prezzie from my dear friend Kim (lots of issues getting it done, including waiting a month for a part to come in from the UK): custom made from end-cut maple. It's big and heavy...such a shame to scar its beautiful surface...Oh well...looking for things that need mincing and slicing and dicing and chopping and...


Timmys count: 44 coffees; 3 free coffees, 1 free doughnut


Anonymous said...

How wonderful, Jasmine!

I wish you many wonderful meals prepared with your lovely gifts!

Erin said...

What kind of knife is that? I've been drooling over a new knife and have become a bit obsessed with knives.

K and S said...

very nice board! enjoy!

jasmine said...

Hello all!

Ivonne: thanks...The Fussy Eater has made "you can keep it over at my place sounds" :)

Mochene: I tried to find an email address for you so I can address your question directly. Please email me at cardamomaddict at gmail dot com and I can let you know...

Kat: Thanks -- I will :)