22 February 2006

For Sara Moulton Fans

The show that first hooked me onto Food TV was Cooking Live with Sara Moulton. I loved the concept -- a chef, cooking real food, in real time while conducting a Q&A session with viewers who were also cooking the same meal at the same time. I thought her later-night show was better: similar concept, but she seemed more relaxed.

Then Alliance Atlantis developed a Canadian version of the channel and Sara was dropped. I mourned the loss.

I just found out through eGullet that Sara was dropped from the American parent and found a new home on PBS. I hope that the Buffalo affiliate will pick up the show (if they haven't already, and I've just missed it) so I can see what she's up to. Here's the

Her departure doesn't sound like a happy one. With a new focus on the 15-35 year-old male demographic, it no longer appears that FoodTV (I think that's what the US network is called) no longer cares for the rest of us (really? I'm shocked! You mean the really bad camera angles, short cuts, blurred focus, pumped up soundtrack and skinnyminnies who look as if they spend more time throwing up their food than cooking it, weren't meant for me?)...okay...I'm in Canada...US programmers really don't care about me/us...you know.

Food Network Canada's 2005 producer guidelines list the demographic as 25-54 year-old adults (60% female) . I just hope that our programmers retain some sense and realize that path the US parent is going down is hard to swallow.




Anonymous said...

I haven't watched the Food Network since Cooking Live went off the air. Loved that show!

Journal Actif said...

I don't really watch cooking programs that much and I'm not fond of the Food Network. Having to endure all the advertisement interruptions is difficult for me. If Sara is on PBS that's good news since they don't advertize that much. I'll certainly watch.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jasmine,

Your comments are right on. I highly doubt men are watching Giada De Laurentiis for her advanced cooking knowledge ...

I too liked Sara. I found her way in the kitchen to be very approachable without cutting corners or being patronizing.

Hope to see her on PBS!

Anonymous said...

Jasmine, I miss Sara Moulton's show on Food TV, as it was my personal favourite for some time. I almost altogether stopped tuning in to Food, save for Good Eats. Just what type of demographic are they trying to appeal to? Just watch they'll have Pamela Anderson Cooks soon enough. Barf.
BTW I've tagged you for a Meme of 4's (if you'd like to participate). :-)

jasmine said...

Rorie: I wrote to Food Network a couple of times re: Sara, but they didn't care (got the standard canned response). We had a Canadian replacement who seemed to polarise my viewer-friends: they either loved Christine Cushing or hated her. I understand CanCon rules, but...

Zoubida: I'm probably a marketer's worst nightmare (actually, I know of a few marketers who wish they've never met me), as I easily blank out ads--besides, when else can I check email, see what the washer is up to or go check out what naughty things the cats have done?

Ivonne: Thanks...so far we only have a few of what seem to be the questionable new-vision shows...let's hope they stay to a minimum.

Jenny: Welcome back! I love Good Eats and have mentioned that I have a thing for Alton Brown (tee hee). The othe show I really like is Sugar--every Anna Olsen recipe I've tried has come out perfectly. Thanks for the tag, but I'm going to have to pass for now--work, school (mid point in this course, which means I've got more than a few assignments due) and an exciting new project which I'll blog about later...