15 February 2006

Feast: Sweets for my sweet

Yesterday was lovely (no pun intended) :)

Here's a pictoral of my St. Valentine's Day baking:

Heart-shaped cranberry scones. I first saw them on a blog and thought what a great idea. I totally forgot about cutting scones into shapes until a colleague asked me about cutting out brownies.

I thought these sugar cookies were rather nice unadorned...but I decided to play on those sweet-heart candies with messages on them:

I have since learned that I will never be a frilly cake decorator...I could barely get the gel nozzle thingie to work right :)

I had to do something that was a bit OTT in rosey sweetness: gaudy pink fairycakes--one fore every month The Fussy Eater and I have been together (more cakes than pictured here).

And a recipe-in-progress: Dense Blondes (the working title)--a very dense white chocolate cake that tastes very caramel-like. When I get it to a shareable point, I'll post the recipe.



Anonymous said...

Yum, yum, yum. It's all just yum.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they were.

Very, very yummy.

Culinarily Obsessed said...

yum!! everything looks luvly! glad you had a wonderful Valentine's Day =)

jasmine said...

Hi Rorie and Jaay
Thanks -- hope your days were equally wonderful :)

TFE! You post! And here I thought you were going to lurk forever (tee hee).

I've taken to calling the fairycakes "little sugar bombs"--they don't taste all that sweet, but dear oh dear, TFE's blood reading afterwards :)