24 June 2009

Too hot to cook...but not too hot to eat: Turkey sandwiches

I know. Who blogs about making a turkey sandwich?

Summer appeared right on the dot on the 21st. The skies dried up and the sun arrived with temperatures warm enough to see people sitting on their front porches chatting with passers by. Not truly high temps, but high enough that the neighbours turned on their a/c and I'm watering my teeny little front garden every night as the patch of dirt is looking more like a patch of dust.

Not really in the mood to cook, but I'm hungry. No salad (regardless of how hearty it is) will do. A sandwich will do (with a side of crisps) nicely.

But just because I'm in a low-effort mood doesn't mean that I'm in a no-effort mood. Very simple and uses up the heels from the loaf, I decided to do a Frenched turkey sandwich: Simply layer sliced turkey and top with a good dollop or two of my lascivious peach chutney. Sandwich it up and soak both slices in beaten egg, and fry in butter.

Yes, I know not much of a post today as I'm putting the final pictures together for this month's Daring Bakers' post. Hint: I'm hosting...

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Meeta K. Wolff said...

i think sandwiches always make for a good blog post! i need to put my stuff together for the DB challenge too!

anamelm said...

Here in Spain the weather is more than hot.

Today, we are 30ºC at 9:00 in the morning, this is, at 2:00 we can expect 40ºC.

So, salads and sandwiches will occupy all our blogspaces from now on. Maybe fruit desserts, but cooking hot...

Jessica said...

I loved your opening sentence because I blog about all sorts of stupid things like making a sandwich :)