21 July 2007

So what does a chocolate frog taste like?

Probably like a chocolate chicken ;)

I think I may be busy this weekend, or at least, very singularly focused...but right now, I'm off to bed.


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MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

You sure . . . I would have thought probably like a chocolate bunny ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Chocolate chicken? Haha!

Hope you had a good sleep and are having a good weekend.


Deetsa said...

LOL... I was wondering what those uber expensive frogs tasted like too. I'm terrified of the beans tho'

Funny, The Frog and I thought we'd be behind a month on Harry Potter as we'd be in France for a month and the French translations SUCK (or so says Frog) However, while looking for a graphing pen yesterday, we found ENGLISH copies of Harry Potter 7. Will be fighting the Frog for the reading this weekend no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy, Jasmine.

My book was supposed to be delivered yesterday and it never was ... Cream Puff IS NOT a happy camper.

K and S said...

enjoy Jasmine!

Blue Plate said...

I've not tried any of the candy produced in connection to the Harry Potter series, but I've got all the books. Happy Reading.