16 May 2007

I'm sorry, could you please repeat that?

Three true tales for you...and the pictures have nothing to do with the tales...I'm just craving ice cream.

Be Away with you, smarmy spammy guy!
The other week I skimmed my StatsCounter data and noticed someone was trying to get to this blog via "cardamomaddict.com." I was curious so I typed it in.

Well...someone was on it. A smarmy spammy someone. You know...the kinda person who puts up links to "interesting" sites. I checked him out and the first thing I found was a court document that that named him in a lawsuit for setting up a similar web site in the name of a charity or a charitable programme...without the charity's permission.

All of a sudden I got territorial (and a bit miffed). Given what I read, my guess is he assumed that I (or someone) would be willing to pay him for the domain...I guess he should have paid for it first. Yup...he didn't buy the domain. So I did. and thanks to Steve, my webthingie guy, the new domains point to

Strawberry Ice Cream


A little happy dance for me
Confessions of a Cardamom Addict is listed on
culture.ca's English homepage!* Culture.ca is "Canada's cultural gateway," an initiative of the Department of Heritage's Canadian Online Cultural Strategy--partners include CBC, Histori.ca and The National Film Board of Canada.

It's quite an honour--my profuse thanks to the
Banff New Media Institute for the recommendation. It's rather humbling to see my blog's link on this site and that someone thinks my efforts are recognized as a reflection of the best of Canada’s cultural, creative, online life.

Cardamom Rose Ice Cream


James D. Nicoll's birthday is 18 March 1961. I know because I held his birth certificate in my hands...
...and can read...and relate its information.

The exbf has a Wikipage. He's been a Usenet celeb for years, is a book editor and has a quotation that's been used on the BBC and in English language texts...and if you are ever looking for a good anecdote or instant inspiration for colourful writing, take a look at his Wikiquote page.

His page was set up by fans (isn't that what the Wiki culture was about--people writing entries on subjects that interested them, so others may find out about them?). The good people who wave the big sticks over at the big W have decided that
the exbf is inconsequential and therefore does not merit a page (ummm...gee...isn't it funny how these same editors seem to keep their own W pages up?).

His page was edited to uselessness, removing verifiable, but not Wiki-referential (as in not already appearing on a W page) info. An example is his birthdate's removal because the only proof found online is info he provided (you see, primary source material is too good for W, and they prefer secondary or tertiary source material). And because of this "intelligent editing" the same big-stick editors decided it was a useless page. Thanks to someone who wields some power for reinstating the page (but it's still under attack).

Anyway, since this an electronic journal, linked to by more than a few other blogs and web sites (including a one set up by the
Canadian Government), this post might be considered a credible secondary source material (by Wikipedia) that James Davis Nicoll was actually born and has a birth certificate.

Photo: Peach ice cream

* Okay, at the time of posting it is...it may cycle off in time.


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Christina said...

I'm so glad to have found your blog--I saw the name and new I had to give it a read. Cardamom, well, I grew up on the stuff, most notably in the bread my mother makes all winter long. Oh, so good.

I'm looking forward to reading more of what you've got.

K and S said...

scary spammers! glad you got the problem fixed and congrats on your listing for the cultural site!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

I join in your happy dance - well done.
And I sure do happy dance for each of those ice creams!!

Journal Actif said...

Congrats Jasmine on the Culture.ca reference!

I'm appaled by the W story. Geee...

Aimée said...

Three cheers for Canadian blogs! Congratulations, Jasmine, and thanks for representing Canadian food bloggers so well in your creative way.

Jen said...

What an eventful time you've had... tackling spammers and getting cultureal refrences. You're a modern day food blogging superhero.

Peabody said...

Those spammers are crazy. Good for you for getting it first.