28 February 2009

Daring Bakers: For the love of chocoalte

• Recipe's origins: Flourless Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Valentino, From "Sweet Treats"
• Recipe's orginator: Chef Wan
• Our hostess: Wendy of WMPE

• Our co-host: Dharm of Dad ~ Baker & Chef

The February 2009 challenge is hosted by Wendy of WMPE's blog and Dharm of Dad ~ Baker & Chef.
We have chosen a Chocolate Valentino cake by Chef Wan; a Vanilla Ice Cream recipe from Dharm and a Vanilla Ice Cream recipe from Wendy as the challenge.

Firstly, thank you all for your get well wishes. I'm still feeling as if someone is tightening a vice grip around my temples, squeezing my left eyeball out of its socket while at the same time attempting to use my throat as a nutmeg rasp. Oh yes...I no longer sound like Demi Moore (thank goodness)...I now sound more like Bonnie Tyler à la Total Eclipse of the Heart...but without the '80s makeup and hair...or smokey hallways (bad for the cough)... or ninjas who think they're whirling dirvishes...yeah, I don't have the non-synced boyband-esque choreography over here...and (unfortunately) I'm sadly lacking in young men emerging from swimming pools...but thankfully no one with glowing eyes (unless you count the reflective properties of Hagia's and Zeus' eyes) are freaking me out (or illuminating my darkened hallways.

Anyway...I've always known I shouldn't be cooking when I'm in a bad mood. I should add to that "never bake when I'm sick."

The cake is incredibly easy--I've done similar in the past and produced beautiful and tasty cakes. Not this time. I scaled the recipe to 2/3 (hey, it's just me, I still haven't reliably reclaimed my chocolate tooth and right now Buckley's makes everything taste like pine resin soaked dance belts...worn pine resin soaked dance belts (look it up if you don't know what a dance belt is).

Since it's February (aka the soppiest month of the year), I thought I'd cast aside my usual aspersions surrounding the 14th (aka one of three days of the year some people have to mark on their calendars to tell their "certain someone" they...umm...notice them (personally, I think if you are in a relationship, you should let your certain someone know they're special everyday ...but that's just me)) and bake little heart-shaped cakelettes. Unfortunately the blessed things fell apart while unmolding...which makes them perfect fodder for a chocolate trifle...perhaps...under different circumstances. Meh.

The second part of the challenge was to pair the cake with ice cream. Good gravy. I wish I'd read the challenge before I finished making seven quarts of ice cream for Baby 'bella's birthday party. I'd have snapped a piccie for the this month's DB challenge.


I thought back to the flavours my little ice cream maker made, and apart from the ginger-lime, I think any of the flavours I made would have gone really well with the cake. But if I were to choose one, I'd nominate my coconut custard...I'm such a fan of Bounty bars...

Yes...it is pictured...barely. See the row closest to the windo? See the yoghurt container at the far end? Yup. That's it.

Coconut Custard Ice Cream
250ml milk
2 generous handfulls of sweetened desiccated coconut
2 egg yolks
100g sugar
200ml tinned coconut milk, well stirred
125ml heavy cream

Add desiccated coconut to milk and scald. Take the mixture off the hob and let stand for 30 minutes.

Whisk together the yolks and sugar, then add the coconut milk and heavy cream and mix well. Dribble in the warm coconutty milk while stirring constantly.

Pour back into the saucepan and cook over mediumish heat while stirring rapidly, until the mixture coats the back of a spoon. Remove from heat and let come to room temperature before cooling in the fridge overnight.

If you want, you can strain out the coconut shreds, but it's really unnecessary...mind you, if you're worried about scrambled eggs in your ice cream, then go ahead and strain before pouring the brine into your ice cream maker. Follow whatever manufacturer's instructive recommendations exist...

To see what the other Daring Bakers did, please visit our blogroll.

Meanwhile, I'm going back to bed...or seeing if I can get a recording contract...


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Unknown said...

Sorry to hear you still aren't feeling great, Jasmine. Here's hoping you get that recording contract - I'm looking forward to your more modern version of that video! ;)

I'm going to make your coconut ice cream sometime. Yum!

Mickle in NZ said...

Dear Jasmine, that is one heck of a lurgi you're recovering from. Yet you can remember massively more than I can from Bonnie Tyler's video for that song.

Go back to beddy-bize and continue to use Hagia and Zeus as your personal warmers, comforters and lovely kittycats.

Next thing you know it will be Spring!

Care and huggles from Mickle and Zebbycat - its Autumn here from March (hooray).

NKP said...

Jasmine, let me start by saying that I am saddened by the lack of lusty young men emerging from swimming pools in your area.
Perhaps if they knew that there was cake..
So glad you are starting to feel a little better - I love coconut custard ice cream, sounds just lovely. Plus I like the pan - even though it refused to let go of the cakes.

Dharm said...

Thanks for joining the challenge even when you are not feeling well.. hope you get better soon too!

Helene said...

Hope you feel 100% better very soon Jasmine! I second your sentiment about V-Day...
I am bookmarking your coconut ice cream recipe!
Beautiful job on the challenge!

Meeta K. Wolff said...

i do like the sound of the coconut custard ice cream. i made a saffron coconut ice cream but i am dying to try this version. great going on the challenge!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Hope you improvement continues and even moves into the faster lane ;)
COCONUT CUSTARD ICE CREAM that sounds like a winner. Loved this cake.

Anonymous said...

Still sick- what a shame! I do hope you start to get your chocolate tooth back soon!

Jenny said...

My goodness, need to send you a huge bottle of Nyquil!
Your ice cream choice sounds lovely and now I'm craving a Bounty bar (so thanks for that, and yes I'm being sarcastic in my thanks.)

pixie said...

sorry to hear you're unwell... but your ice cream sounds divine! You made heaps! Get well soon!

Molly Loves Paris said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I know just where you're coming from. I thought I'd been sick long enough, when one morning I woke up with both eyes stuck shut, and all I wanted to eat was raw carrots, and I was afraid I would be ending up like my grandmother having no sense of taste. But now I'm mostly recovered. I have great hopes for a full recovery one day. Your ice cream recipe looks great. I'm afraid to make ice cream, but I've got to get over myself.

Fitness Foodie said...

Hope you feel better. I had what sounds like the same or similar thing. Crazy sore throat for a week, which went away with antibiotics, but the pain in the head and utter exhaustion lasted 2 weeks (slept most of that time).

Hope you bounce back soon!!

breadchick said...

Ah man...no whirling ninji in your house! I think that video was just about the worse video and I cringe whenever I see it or hear that song.

I'm glad you are feeling better and heck, even if you weren't that ice cream would make it all OK!

Jo said...

Hope you feel better now though good job your challenge. Love the flvaour of your ice-cream though!

Canadian Baker said...

Hope you're feeling better Jasmine! You're a trooper for even doing the challenge and I love Total Eclipse of the Heart. :)